Made by Celestron, this telescope can automatically orient itself to any documented celestial body you tell it to!

The secret is it’s a smart compound telescope that can connect to a mobile app (iOS and Android) over WiFi for receiving specific instructions on where you want its lenses aimed. You just launch the app, open the star map, and tap on a celestial body to activate the telescope’s self-positioning mechanism.

Moreover, this particular telescope is highly portable and even comes with its own rechargeable battery, making it ideal for spending the night outdoors stargazing.

It’s equipped with a Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube that comes in three sizes: 6 inches, 8 inches, and 9.25 inches. Specs vary depending on the size (the bigger the tube, the higher the specs), for example, an 8-inch version gets a 203.2 mm aperture, 2,032 mm focal length, and two eyepieces (one with 51x magnification and another with 156x).

Pricing for the Celestron NexStar Evolution is about $1,599.00 for the 8 inch version when on sale on Amazon.


Image credit: celestron.com

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