COSMOCRUISE 2015: At the Edge of Discovery

When: 2–9 September 2015
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Event type: Conference
Organization: Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA)
Venue: MSC Divina ship

A conference on cosmology with a focus on Theory, CMB, LSS, Inflation, Lensing, Re-ionization but also with important contributions from astrophysics with implications for Cosmology. Confirmed SOC members include M. Bucher, J. Carlstrom, A. Cooray, J.M. Diego, B. Jain, W. Kinney, J. Khoury, E. Komatsu, A. Liddle, R. Mandolessi, A. Refregier, S. Sarkar, D. Scott, J. Silk, A. Starobinski, R. Sunyaev, & M. Zaldarriaga.
In total, the meeting will contain approximately 30-hours of talks. There will be two 3-4 hour sessions daily, a morning session and an afternoon session. At the end of each day, there will be a round table for discussing some of the daily topics.

In between the sessions there will be time for you and your family/friends to explore some of the wonders of Europe.Learn more:



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